Friday, June 25, 2010

Intentional Cooking with Love

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Several years ago, I stumbled on a book at a small bookstore in town called "The Hidden Messages in Water" by Dr. Masaru Emoto. In it, the author conducts a series of experiments on water, photographing the crystals before and after.  The results were astonishing.  The water crystals changed shapes and forms after Dr. Emoto's team applied various messages (gratitude, love, hate, war, etc.) to the water, visibly improving its formations with positive messages, and distorting the crystals with negative ones.   It was fascinating and made me think back to my childhood.  I remember countless times when my brothers or I were not feeling well, for no apparent reason, mom or someone in the family would always say a special prayer (called Ra'we in Arabic) over about 1/4 cup of water and make us drink it.  And POOF! we would feel a lot better.  Today, my mom still does that for my kids when they get fussy and it always amazes me how quickly it works.

You may have heard of the theories around the subject of all things being connected and our entangled world literally.  I've read and seen so much of it in the last few years that I feel pretty entangled in my head right now! I must have been a Quantum Physicist in a previous life. 

But the fact remains that everything is connected, and our thoughts and moods have an effect on things (because everything is connected or entangled).  That brings us to the other issue, that since our food is made of high percentages of water, wouldn't our mood/thoughts at the time of preparing or eating it affect it? Logically, if we were to follow Dr. Emoto's work.  

Or that our mood/thoughts at the time of preparing/eating it affects the nourishing, energizing value of the food and its flavor! Well again if we were to follow the countless works  on the subject of entanglement and connectedness of everything, then that also would make sense. 
Either way it all seems to click and I noticed differences in how a dish comes out when I'm into the cooking and when not.  Come to think of it, there was a great scene in the movie "Like Water for Chocolate" where Tita was crying while she prepared Pedro's (her love) wedding banquet, and her longing and sadness made all the guests cry after eating her food. Not so far fetched I guess!

So when you see "love" as an ingredient on your favorite sauce, know that it holds that vibration in it.  And when it comes to cooking for you and your family, enjoy the process and do it mindfully with happy thoughts and joyful spirit because the food you're handling is the vehicle transporting your vibes to those you intend to nourish. So gather your family at your table and replenish the tummies and souls with health, well being and bliss.

Happy Cooking!


  1. Such an interesting topic, I haven't read the water book, but you got me interested. BTW, I love the picture of your daughter :)

  2. J ai adore ce sujet la force des sentiments a un pouvoir sur tout Bravo Anita!

  3. and your photos are beautiful; the little girl is unforgettable (your daughter?)

  4. Amazing; I had no idea; never had anyone from Lebanon apply this kind of magic on me, sounds wonderful too; I believe in all these things. I cannot cook for people I don't like, it comes out tasting bad. This post is fascinating Anita.


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